How To Order

2We displayed and divided all the condition of this catalog into almost 3 grades, M-,EX,VG+.   We think that they are nuances like A,B,C. We checked them in sights.
M- is top condition as a secondhand record.
EX is suitable for the collection and listening with few damage.
VG+ is still enjoyable condition with some more damages.

Abbreviations : WI = with original insert or inner (company sleeve not included), WB = with booklet, WP = with poster, GIMC = modified jacket, WOC = writing on jacket, SWOC = small writing, etc. , TOC=taped on jacket, SOBC=seal on back of jacket, CC=cutout, CH=cutout hole, DH=drill hole, SDH=small drill hole, RE=reissue… *Please ask any abbreviations you do not understand.

Please send email as follows.

1.The record(s) what you want.
2.Your payment method
3.Your name
4.Your country

We will soon confirm what you want you get + postage etc.

About the payment,I can accept these 3 ways.
1) IPMO to: Ken-ichi Takahashi
Yayoi-Cho 66-7, Itabashi-Ku,
Tokyo 173-0021, Japan
tel&fax +813 3530 8736
*International Postal Money Order (by Post Office)

2) PAYPAL to: (*I would demand 5% paypal fee for the total.)

3) ( postal ) Bank remittance.
Ken Takahashi
c/o Eurasia
#2FA, Nishi-shinjuku7-16-15, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN
tel&fax +813 3362 2639
e-mail to Ken